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Dakpatthar Barrage
Gupt Sahastradhara
Gupt Sahastradhara
Gupt Sahastradhara


Located in the southern part of Himachal Pradesh, Sirmaur is renowned for its captivating beauty and panoramic views. Culturally and religiously rich, this place is easily accessible by road. Built in 1814, in the memory of Parshuram mother, Renuka Temple stands as a prominent landmark. Every year in November, a fair is organized at the Renuka Temple, where it is believed that Parshuram himself attends to meet his mother. Encircled with lush green mountains and dense pine forest, Sirmaur draws multitude of tourists from far and wide. Locals take pride in preserving their traditions and religious customs, whose glimpse is evident in the Bishu festival held in the month of Baisakh.

During the fair, visitors witness locals performing folk dance “Nati’” in traditional attire and participating in a traditional archery competition known as “Thoda”. Churdhar, located in Sirmaur, is one of the highest peaks of Shivalik mountain range. Although the predominant language spoken in Sirmaur is local dialect, Hindi, English and Punjabi are also mainly spoken here. Sirmaur opens the door to nearby attractions such as the Sikh religious place Paonta Sahib as well as historical marks like Jaitak Fort, Haripur Dhar, Rajgarh, Shivalik Fossil Park.

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Gupt Sahastradhara

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