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The revered city of temples, Bageshwar is an integral part of Kumaon division. Located 315 km away from Dehradun, this place is easily accessible via road, train and air. Situated on the confluence of two sacred rivers, Saryu and Gomti, this city is surrounded by Bhileshwar and Nileshwar mountains. Bageshwar is a home to many ancient temples, and among them, the Baghnath temple is highly recognised, attracting a multitude of devotees round the year.

According to the legend, when sage Markandeya was engrossed in the worship of Shiva, Lord Shiva pleased with his devotion and incarnated in the form of a tiger to give blessings. Since then, this city has been known as Bageshwar. Kumaun region is renowned for its traditions and customs, and even today's generation follow the culture and rituals passed down by their ancestors.

Such traditions are easily evident in festivals like Bikhoti, Harela, Simha and Ghee Sankranti, Kojagar, and Haritali Vrat. Among these, Uttarayani, celebrated on Makar Sankranti, is considered to be the biggest festival of the entire Kumaon region, drawing a number of people from afar. The major nearby attractions are Pandusthal, Kausani, Baijnath, Gauri Udiyar, Vijaypur, Kanda and Chandika Temple, where you can explore the rest of the region.

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